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Mediterranean Cuisine: Food of Civilizations

Along with giving rise to several of history’s most notable cultures and civilizations, the Mediterranean Basin has also produced one of the modern world’s most beloved cuisines.
This website is devoted to all things about the food and drinks of this remarkable region. Here, readers will find a range of interesting facts on the topic, including historical and geographical information, recipes, reviews and recommendations.

Primary Elements

Due to the region’s unique climate, Mediterranean food is broadly based on three primary elements: olives, wheat and grapes. These three elements, in turn, yield the core staples of Mediterranean cuisine, which include olive oil, bread, pasta and wine.

Other common elements of Mediterranean fare include roasted lamb, which is especially common in the Eastern Mediterranean, meat-and-vegetable stews, and salted fish of various kinds.

Distilled spirits based on the aniseed plant are another common feature of Mediterranean cuisine, examples of which include Italian Sambuca, Greek Ouzo, Turkish Raki, Levantine Arak and French Absinthe.

Going Global

What is now typically referred to as Mediterranean cuisine can be loosely broken down into several geographical sub-groups. These include Levantine (i.e., Middle Eastern), North African, Turkish, Balkan, Italian, Spanish and French.

In today’s globalized world, however, Mediterranean food is no longer confined to the region in which it was born and is easily found at restaurants and eateries across Northern Europe, the Americas and the Far East.

With a plethora of frequently updated material composed by people passionate about the subject, this website strives to bring the joys of Mediterranean cuisine to food lovers all over the world.